Pro-Craft-ination Projects

A shot of my projects’ toolbox about a year ago (it has grown since). It never stays this organized. I have a larger plastic storage container for cloth/scraps and other miscellaneous materials.

Pro-craft-ination Projects finished and featured in posts:

* new* Nutmeg: Felt Doll Version 2.0 – With Articulated Joints

*new* Bunny Valentines and Purr-fect Valentines Plushies

Wee Kitties/Wee Puppy (adapted from Wee Wonderful’s Wee Bunny)

Felt Christmas Ornaments

Black Beard Bunny

Brain Slug Version 1.0 (from Futurama)

Cold Porcelain Rose Earrings

Felt Doll Dress

Hobbes Plushie (from Bill Waterson’s Calvin and Hobbes)

Jake Plushie (from Adventure Time with Finn and Jake)

Nutmeg: Felt Doll Version 1.0

Upcoming Pro-craft-ination Projects finished projects to be featured soon:

Fab Fabric Flower Hairpiece
Worry-Wart Felt Duckie
Anise: Felt Doll Version 3.0

Pro-craft-ination Projects in Progress:

Brain Slug Version 2.0
Cyborg Bunny
Jake Plushie Version 2.0

Projects to be featured in future posts


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