Of Bunnies and Kitties

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted about my crafting projects – simply because I haven’t been crafting all that much in the past few months due mainly to work. Sometimes I wonder what happened to the idea of working at home so I could have more time to  do the things I want. Still, I’d like to think I’m still doing what I want, more than I would have been doing if I were employed and working at some company. So I try to keep my complaining to a minimum (try being the operative word here!)

Still, I did manage to do some crafting here and there — finally tried my hand at making a doll’s wig, and even though I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the result, at least I now have some idea what works and what doesn’t. I’ll be posting pictures of Nutmeg with her new hairdo next time, along with some of her other wacky poses.

I’ve also cut out patterns for some of the projects I’ve been planning for a long time now, Cutting out the pattern pieces was all I could sneak in between my writing jobs, but it’s a start.

The last project that I did with some gusto was my Valentine’s Day project: My Valentine’s Day Bunny/Kitty Message Delivery System. They’re basically bunnies and kitties with pocket hearts where you can insert a (secret) Valentine’s message. It’s pretty late to be posting about Valentine’s, and majority of this never made it in time for that holiday, but what the hey. They turned out cute nevertheless, and with a few tweaks they can be adapted into several different animals, and for different occasions.

The Valentine's Day Delivery System

The Valentine’s Day Delivery System

A Bunny Valentine!

A Bunny Valentine!


A purr-fect Valentine!


This one I made for a friend who — well, let’s just say he wasn’t particularly feeling the love on Valentine’s Day.


The broken heart opens up so you can slip in a bitter, rage-filled Valentine message, or a picture of the person who jilted you or scorned your love ♥


Bitter Valentine Bunny!

valentine softies

Some sketches I made when I was planning what to make for Valentine’s Day. I don’t have a decent sketchpad, so I use old notebooks and college readings, hehe.


The original plan for Bitter Bunny was to have a message on the broken heart, which would continue inside when the heart opened. But the heart was too small to fit the message (which I had planned to embroider).

I had planned to make several of these, and was actually on schedule to finish before February rolled around. But I got sick — again! And the whole schedule got thrown off as I worked double time to finish all my writing jobs that got affected when I got sick. I was able to finish some kitties and bunnies, but gave them to a few of my friends. The pieces I have left still need to be finished. Anyway, there’s always a next year — although I’m reworking the pattern to make them more plump (they’re a little on the flat side). I plan on making a tarsier version in the future because a tarsier would be really cute, as in funny-ugly kind of cute.

Thanks for looking! =^_^=