(Mis)Adventure Time in the South – The Final Leg – Sarangani

After another lovely lunch in General Santos City – lots of fresh tuna kilawin and Ate Gay’s yummy soft cream cheese muffins – and a couple of hours of snoozing, the van we hired to take us to Sarangani Province arrived at around 4pm. And we were off on another road trip!

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(Mis) Adventure Time in the South – The Davao Leg

Note: This is long overdue, as work and a whole lot of Christmas crafting had to be finished (and still ongoing, unfortunately). I’ve also gotten a nasty flu. I actually had been coughing a week ago but I suspect I caught an altogether new strain of flu on top of that. I haven’t been this sick for this long in quite a while. Hope it’ll go away soon.)

The next leg of our trip started off with cake. Chocolate cake, to be exact. Dell had just arrived to join us for the rest of the trip, and had his first taste of the delicious cake (no pics of the cake itself, as I was too busy eating it to bother taking a photo, hehe).

The deadly chocolate cake was baked by Gem's mom :)

The deadly chocolate cake was baked by Gem’s mom 🙂

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(Mis) Adventures Going South – First Leg: GenSan

Or my five-day vacation trip to the Southern Philippines – my first proper vacation in two years, and the first one I’ve had outside Luzon. I was invited to tag along with my friend’s visit to her family’s homes in General Santos City and in Davao City.

As I’ve written before, my ideal vacation has always been one where I’d just laze about and not do anything. I’m not really adventurous (or active, even) so this was my first time to travel to several different places (GenSan > Davao > Samal Island > GenSan > Sarangani) in just one vacation. But I enjoyed it immensely, despite some misadventures on my part. I had great company – which to me is one of the most important factors to an enjoyable vacation, more important than where you actually go or what you do. Great company makes an ordinary destination/activity awesome, but an awesome/top-rated touristy destination/activity can be effectively ruined by bad company 😉

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