Well wishes from Nutmeg!


Hope the new year brings more inspiration to continue creating and crafting!

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Christmas crafting (plus a few goodies from the trip down South)

So I had been sick the entire week before Christmas. It started with a scratchy feeling in my throat, which I noticed right after watching the live action movie of Samurai X with my brother and mom (awesome movie, by the way!). And then on top of that I caught another bug which escalated to a few days of nasty cough and fever.

It’s one of the “pitfalls” of working from home on graveyard shift – compromised immunity. And since I rarely leave the house, I haven’t developed the necessary defenses against colds and flus, so I’m more susceptible when I do go out and mingle with crowds.

A lot of Christmas chores/crafting/plans have been thrown off by my sickness. But I did manage to finish most of my Christmas ornaments, and the little Christmas crafts I sent to my workmates. But before showing you those crafts, I just wanted to share some of the goodies I brought home from Davao/GenSan/Sarangani.

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(Mis)Adventure Time in the South – The Final Leg – Sarangani

After another lovely lunch in General Santos City – lots of fresh tuna kilawin and Ate Gay’s yummy soft cream cheese muffins – and a couple of hours of snoozing, the van we hired to take us to Sarangani Province arrived at around 4pm. And we were off on another road trip!

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