Plushie of Jake from Adventure Time


Jake is done!

I’ve been planning on making plushies based on the characters from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time (the only show I look forward to these days), but it only took a request for my nephew’s Halloween costume to get me into gear. He was going as Finn the Human, and he needed his bestfriend, Jake the Magic Dog. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish Jake in time for his trick-or-treat debut at my brother’s office. But I did manage to finish Jake on All Souls Day, when The Nephew visited.

Jake, with no jowls and nose

Jake looks funny without his jowls and nose ^_^

I made the pattern for this myself but I drafted it straight onto the felt. Maybe one of these days I can replicate it on a file that I can put up for download.

Jake, with jowls

Trying out Jake’s jowls and nose

Jake is made from felt — the last of the felt material I have in this color, which is a mustard-y orange yellow. I actually wanted him to be bigger, with longer limbs and more squat in shape. But in the show Jake could alter his body shape and limb length, so this final outcome is not too inaccurate, I think.

Jake, in stages

Attaching Jake’s legs, tail, and arms

Once again, this project was about 90% hand sewn. I did use my mini sewing machine for the legs, but the stitches were way too loose, and I couldn’t figure out how to adjust the tension to make the stitches tighter. I was spending way too much time fiddling with the machine than sewing, so I gave up and did the rest of Jake by hand.

Ready for adventure

Jake is ready for adventure! But where’s Finn?

Hurrah! Here he is all ready for an adventure! But The Nephew didn’t want to wear his Finn hat and although he had on his green backpack, he kept running around and it was difficult to take a photo of him. Plus he kept throwing Jake onto the floor (in what I imagine would be his wrestling moves).

The Nephew only calmed down when he was watching YouTube videos of Elmo, but he ignored poor Jake for the most part.

Jake fails to unseat Elmo as The Nephew’s favorite character.


But when he was about to go home, he kept grabbing Jake and putting him in his bag, as if reminding his parents not to forget Jake when they left. So I guess he does like Jake after all ^_^ (Elmo is a tough act to beat — I swear he has an almost cult-like charisma >_<).

Still, we love Adventure Time, and hopefully it’ll rub off on The Nephew. Maybe plushie versions of Lumpy Space Princess, Beamo, and Peppermint Butler will help bring him around …


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