Flash procrastination project

Procrastination takes a bit of a backseat, as real world issues have been hampering some of my procrastination tendencies of late. I suppose that should be a good thing, since it means I’m doing what I should be doing instead of procrastinating.

I did, however, manage a “flash” procrastination project two weeks ago, at the behest of my cousin’s 3-year-old daughter: A new dress for Nutmeg (by the way, Nutmeg barely survived the encounter with the said little girl). I finished it in one night.

Finally made Nutmeg a new dress! With matching headband and sandals.

I used the Simple BID Dress pattern from Antique Lilac, which you can download for free (a great website, by the way. Her dolls and dresses are stunning ^_^). This was sewn by hand, as I have yet to fix the tension problems of my mini sewing machine.

A pretty new dress made from fabric my aunt gave me — a lovely teal polka -dot cotton fabric. It looks very retro n_n

I managed to whip up the dress in between play sessions of a new video game, haha.

Nutmeg watches me play video games with mild disapproval.

Playing Torchlight II, as you can see behind Nutmeg.

Also, I gave a couple of my friends some crafty gifts. I made these a long time ago, though.

Rose earrings. Made from cold porcelain.

Now, one of the friends I gave this to, Artistmonk, doesn’t seem like the type who’d wear rose earrings, but her telenovela alter ego, Alyana Grace, just might!

I made a whole bunch of these about two years ago, and I’ve been giving them as gifts to my friends and relatives ever since. I’m down to my last pair, actually.

I bought silver-plated earring posts and post backs from Quiapo, and glued the cold porcelain roses onto them using E-6000 glue (bought mine from Deovir — they have a branch at SM North Edsa).

Nutmeg modeling a porcelain rose.

I think Nutmeg found a new way to pose with these.

P.S. Yes, my light is still busted. On the plus side — our electricity bill has definitely gone down. So I just might get used to working in the dark. I am that kind of “kuripot” (cheapskate), apparently.

UPDATE: I made a new doll body for Nutmeg, with movable joints. ^_^


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