Nutmeg: First Attempt at Felt Doll

Just a quick post on my attempts to make a felt doll. I figured if I were to make Christmas gifts for my godchildren this year, I’d better begin now. NO, it’s absolutely not too early — besides, people around here start playing Christmas songs once the -ber months come around. And it’s never too early to do anything for a procrastinator — gives plenty more time to procrastinate.

So, here is my first felt doll, Nutmeg.

Nutmeg, my first felt doll. She stands about 10″ and is made from felt. Her hair is made from yarn. Haven’t attached her orange sash yet in this pic, so you can see it still pinned onto her (Ouch!)

I used the felt doll pattern from Runo, which you can find here.

Nutmeg has unruly curly hair.

For her hair, I followed this Yarn Doll Wig Tutorial on Flickr. Except I don’t know how to crochet – but other ingenious crafters are always to the rescue, and I found a tutorial for doll wig making that doesn’t involve crocheting a “wig cap” over at Sew Liberated.

I embroidered her eyes. My embroidery skills are lacking and I’m sorely out of practice – last time I did any decent embroidery was in fifth grade.

I just sort of winged it for her clothes. I have yet to figure out how to adapt real people clothes to fit dolls. There are plenty of free doll clothes patterns online, though. For now I just want her to have some clothes while I test out/adapt/make my own patterns for her clothes.
Although I did make her a pair of bloomers to wear under her skirt.

Bloomers! (Sorry for embarrassing you, Nutmeg.) Probably shouldn’t have used felt, because it doesn’t gather into nice ruffles. Will use another material next time.

I’ve finished embroidering eyes for another doll, which I planned to make a redhead. I’m thinking of making her a button- and/or bead-jointed doll, though, following this wonderful tutorial on Mimi Kirchner’s site. I’m also looking into making a wire armature for the doll to make it more pose-able.

Blue eyes for a red-haired doll.

I apologize for the crappy photos — I don’t have decent lighting in my room at the moment since my light got busted and I’ve been depending on my desk lamp for illumination.

Anyway, so this didn’t turn out too quick a post. But between the busted light and my lack of a workspace for my crafty projects, it may be some time before I get to work on anything. But for now I’m happy that I have Nutmeg hanging around my (crowded) computer desk 🙂

Nutmeg tries to tame her curly hair while posing for the camera 🙂


UPDATE: I made a new dress for her ^_^

UPDATE: I made her a new body, with joints! I used two types of bead-jointing methods. The details are here.


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