Elmo and fake-berry cheesecake fun

Last Wednesday was my nephew’s first birthday, but my brother and his wife decided to celebrate it last Saturday. I didn’t have much to contribute by way of crafty stuff, but I did make a smashing, inexpensive no-bake blueberry cheesecake — a feat, especially the inexpensive part, considering the fact blueberries are expensive and rare in this country The secret? Rehydrated raisins heated in blueberry jam. Haha, no one could tell the difference. Or maybe, blueberries being rare around here, no one knew the difference. Well, whatever the case, it was a hit. So much so I only had a few bites and before I knew it everyone had packed a slice to take home.

The “fake”-berry cheesecake, prior to being pillaged and devoured.


I also filled out the invitations to the party, and added an extra touch to the envelopes to personalize them for The Nephew:

The theme of the party, obviously, was Elmo and Sesame Street.

My handwriting was more atrocious than normal, so I decided to just print and cut out the invitation details.

I thought of cutting out fun and colorful shapes for the invites, but realized they would’ve looked like ransom notes -_-;

For the envelopes:

Too bad my printer only had black ink

We invited only a few kids – mostly my cousins’ kids.

I just photoshopped my nephew’s photo into a stock image of a stamp. It’s much cuter in color:

Aww, look at that cutie pie 😀

The house looked like a shrine to Elmo.

My mom’s gift to her grandson–an Elmo plushie bag.

My sister-in-law bought Sesame Street toys/figurines and made them cake toppers for the birthday cake — Elmo and his friends standing in a field of grass and flowers. They were a bit heavy though, so by the time the party was in full swing, Elmo and friends looked like they were going through a field of chest-high weeds.

Trapped in a field of chest-high talahib

But all in all the party was a success and everyone had fun 🙂


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